We are the next generation. We are high school and college students who have realized our capabilities and want to take initiative to make a positive difference in the world.

Our Mission is to create a globally aware, socially responsible, and action oriented generation. We aim to help students take initiative and leadership roles in the movement for social change.

We set out to address these challenges:

1. There are countless students worldwide who CARE about social issues, but don’t know how to make a global impact.

2. Our opinions about social issues are overlooked.

3. Giving back is viewed as a “job.”

How are we changing this?

1. Getting all of us to CARE about issues within our communities, and then providing us with organizations where we can take action and leadership roles to improve them.

2. Starting a global conversation between our generation about solutions for worldwide problems by asking and answering each other’s questions from anyone around the world.

3. Making social change social. Using our social networking platform, we can see what our friends CARE about, invite each other to volunteer, and meet like-minded students from around the world.


As students, we have realized the power of coming together through social networking, so why not do it for social change? Instead of letting the previous generation tell us what issues we should CARE about, why not decide for ourselves? It’s time to stand together as one socially aware generation that is ready to take action. After all, the future lies in our hands.

Our Executive Team:

Priyanka Jain: Founder & President
A message from the founder
Carrie Rotkis: Director of Marketing
Tejal Angolkar: Director of Outreach
Sam Nordstrom: Director of Communications
Mayank Jain: Director of Operations

Operating Team: Peter Lansverk, Kelly Pike, Ryan Werffeli, and Max Zaslove.


Nikita Consul: MIT (Boston, MA)
Kimmie Koehler: Vanderbilt (Nashville, TN)
Jessica Sun, Kritika Chugh: Washington DC
Jennifer Downing: Yale (New Haven, CT)
Kelesy MacLeod, David Perell, and Kevin Wong: San Francisco, CA
Alina Ranjbaran: Garden City, NY
Richard Ren:  Troy, MI
Angela Chen: Holliswood, NY

Want to get involved? Apply to be the leader for your community.

Help spread the word! Join us on Facebook (facebook.com/iCAREweCARE) and Twitter (@iCAREweCARE1)